Tenor Sax Mouthpieces

All tenor models are available in HR (Hard Rubber, like a HR Link) or SP (Slim Profile, like a metal Link) profiles.

New HR profile tenor pieces in stock now! All the ones listed below are available except the Hudson. Please see my sales page for more information.


Live - The brightest piece I can make that still has a good solid tone. Original design Inspired by the sound of Norwegian players Jan Garbarek and Bendik. If you want to dominate a jam session or horn section, without a thin paint peeler sound, then this is the mouthpiece for you.

Downtown - Inspired by the famous Dave Guardala Mike Brecker I mouthpiece, and the Dukoff D8/D9 pieces. High baffle for loud and bright playing. Lets you play over the range of the horn evenly. Medium-large chamber for a compact focused sound. This is my tribute to my first great influence and hero, Michael Brecker. This piece replaces the Downtown Studio, as there was a lot of overlap between the two.

Hudson - Inspired by Berg Larson pieces, especially the sounds of Lenny Pickett, Sonny Rollins, and Pete Christlieb. (Still in research phase, only prototype .102 size available)

Naima - Original design using multi faceted baffle. Inspired by John Coltrane's sound, which he got with a metal Link with a built-up baffle. This piece seems to get the same kind of vibe. Nice focused projecting sound. mp3 sample of Naima (KB playing live) Here's a nice review of the Naima by Ben Britton (has recorded with Chris Potter ). The Naima replaces the original NF and KB models.

Slant (SL) - Inspired by the Otto Link Slant Signature hard rubber piece. Bright tone, and flexible due to the medium rollover baffle. mp3 sample of SL (Nick Franciosa playing in studio) Chamber is medium sized for a focused sound.

Fat Cat - Thick even sound from the bottom thru the palm keys, and great altissimo. Mouthpiece of choice of Michael Blake. It has a fair amount of resistance. Fat, flexible, expressive sound, inspired by the Otto Link Reso-Chamber design. mp3 sample (KB playing in a studio)

Xtra Dark - Inspired by Selmer hard rubber pieces. Almost no baffle, introspective sound. Dark, a slight edge, and yet powerful, without being stuffy. mp3 sample (first class pro playing live at Smoke). Here's a sample of me playing an Xtra Dark .104 on a live gig in 2007.



.102 (7)
.108 (7*)
.112 (8)
.116 (8*)

Please inquire to me (Ken) at saxscape@gmail.com about custom tip openings.