Saxscape Mouthpieces are designed for the needs of professional sax players, by a small team of technically oriented Coltrane fanatics. The "Classic" mouthpiece designs go to the roots of Otto Link's and Bobby Dukoff's designs, to make modern pieces that provide a great foundation for the styles of the old masters. The "Original" designs take those roots and grow them in interesting directions to provide cool places for contemporary players to create their own stories.


Regardless of which style works the best for you, all geometric aspects of the mouthpieces, including the facing curve and baffle, are shaped to make them as fun as possible to play. By fun, I mean: plays evenly up and down the horn; standard 48mm/2 tenor facing length; no "weird" or stuffy notes; great intonation; tip curve matches most popular reeds; perfectly symmetrical rails; the widest possible dynamic range; blowing resistance tailored to the mouthpiece style.


How hard do you want to work, to sound good?



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