Saxscape Mouthpieces are designed for the needs of professional sax players, by a small team of technically oriented Coltrane fanatics. The "Classic" mouthpiece designs go to the roots of Otto Link, Bobby Dukoff, and Selmer designs, to make modern pieces that provide a great foundation for the styles of the old masters. The "Original" designs take those roots and grow them in interesting directions to provide cool places for contemporary players to create their own stories.


Regardless of which style works the best for you, all geometric aspects of the mouthpieces, including the facing curve and baffle, are shaped to make them as fun as possible to play. By fun, I mean: plays evenly up and down the horn; standard 48mm/2 tenor facing length; no "weird" or stuffy notes; great intonation; tip curve matches most popular reeds; perfectly symmetrical rails; the widest possible dynamic range; blowing resistance tailored to the mouthpiece style.


How hard do you want to work, to sound good?

The Mouthpieces


Tenor: Downtown

The Saxscape Downtown tenor sax mouthpiece was designed after closely studying Danny Walsh's Dukoff D9 mouthpiece which he got from Bob Mintzer. The Downtown is as bright as you want to be, without turning into just a pure paint-peeler. This is similar to Brecker's Dukoff, pre-Guardala.



Tenor: Live

The Saxscape Live tenor sax mouthpiece has that classic Otto Link core sound, without sacrificing sheer volume and tone quality. Brilliant, and fat. We took the Florida Link design and pushed it to its limits.

Danny Walsh, Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax and Saxscape Live Mouthpiece



Tenor: Fat Cat

The Fat Cat tenor sax mouthpiece has a dark, complex core, inspired by Selmer hard rubber mouthpieces, and the sounds of guys like Rich Perry and Stan Getz.



Previous Saxscape Models

Currently, the Downtown, Live, and Fat Cat are in production. Please stay tuned for news about other mouthpieces.


Mouthpieces for Other Horns

Alto, soprano, and bari mouthpieces are currently in development.


Ken Barry studied sax with Gary Campbell and David Liebman, and has been making mouthpieces since 2005. He studied music and engineering at University of Miami, got a degree in Fine Art from Florida State University, played professionally in Kansas City, then moved to the Northeast to pursue musical instrument and accessory development. He takes high quality proprietary mouthpiece blanks and hand finishes them to exacting specifications.

Nick Franciosa studied with Bob Berg, Lenny Pickett, and Steve Grossman, and used to work for Dave Guardala as his horn tester. He has been instrumental in guiding Saxscape mouthpiece development for the last 8 years.

Danny Walsh is a professional NYC-based sax player. He has played and recorded with Lenny White, Donald Brown, Mulgrew Miller, The Allman Brothers, and Aerosmith. He's been working with Saxscape on designs for the last 3 years.

Mouthpiece Material: Saxscape mouthpieces are made from Delrin, a synthetic resin developed in the 1960's as a replacement material for metal. Delrin is extremely tough and holds shapes very accurately. It's also FDA approved for food-safety.

Mouthpiece Body Design: The Slim Profile shape was designed to work with the Selmer 404 ligature. The body size is the same as a metal Otto Link. Certain models are available in Hard Rubber profile, which is the same size as a hard rubber Otto Link or Selmer.

How To Buy

Pricing: HR Profile mouthpieces are $275, and SP Profile pieces are $350.

Mouthpieces in stock:

Currently Liberty Music in Mountainside, New Jersey is stocking Saxscape mouthpieces. Please contact Brian by email at brian.clines@libertymusic.us for sales assistance.


Ken Barry, saxscape@gmail.com, phone 570-350-5843


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